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There are more errors in the shoe size chart: e.g. European Size 42 refers to shoe length of 28 cm, in the chart it's 28,5 cm. e.g. the so-called US athletics size do not exist, they have been deleted from the article'S text on 16 Nov , but are still in the chart Recently, I've been working on the German aricle and I think, I could give.

New ones are reebok s. Like regular street shoes, tennis shoe sizing is based on the length and width of your foot. I then corrected it and this correction has been reversed with partial explanation.

There are more errors in the shoe size chart: e.g. European Size 42 refers to shoe length of 28 cm, in the chart it's 28,5 cm. e.g. the so-called US athletics size do not exist, they have been deleted from the article'S text on 16 Nov , but are still in the chart Recently, I've been working on the German aricle and I think, I could give.
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The ultimate international shoe size conversion guide October 22 May Subtract 1 size from US men’s shoe sizes to find UK men’s size scale; Last verified 29 Mar Get deal. Athleta. Free shipping on orders over $ Plus free returns.
International shirt, pants and dress size conversion chart – USA & Canada, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia clothing sizes. – E.g. a US sized 2 shirt is equivalent to a European sized 32 shirt. Adult men and women international shoe size conversion chart – Europe, Mexico, Japan, UK, Australia, USA & Canada and Korea adult shoe sizes.
The Children’s Place has a selection of easy-to-use kids size chart options that will help you understand the fit of our clothes shoes and accessories in relation to your child’s age weight and height.
Size conversion chart for men’s shoes

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AU / US Women is the standard Australian/US women’s size scale. AU / UK Men is the standard Australian/UK men’s size scale. EU is the European size scale, .

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Use your measurements and the chart below to determine your shoe size. So, you may know that you wear men's Nike shoes in a size nine in the US, but you won't know what you wear if you bought them in the UK, for instance, unless you use a chart.

Nike is an extremely popular US-based brand that markets athletic wear and shoes for people of all ages. It is important to. That you wear men's Nike shoes in a size nine in the US, but you won't know what you wear if you bought them in the UK. The Nike brand of shoes is one of the most popular in the world, and many men, women, and even children love to wear them.

Before you go about converting your US men's or women's shoe size to an international size, you will want to make. There is a smudge on the outside ankle of the left shoe. Free two day shipping and free returns on Women's Clearance Running Shoes. Widths Available Size Nike Free RN Island. The Nike women's shoe size conversion chart helps convert nike free uk size 12 us women's shoe sizes between US, UK and nike free uk size 12 us European sizes.

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We realise this, and have. Free standard shipping and processing for all returns; Returns accepted for any reason within 30 days of delivery date. Air nike free maker jordans shop all rnational conversion chart your real shoe 's us size, uk size, europe size, equivalent centimeter size.

Shop for the latest footwear clothing from a wide range of top brands, online now at Size. The leading retailer of globally sourced menswear. It may be impossible to agree on a single authoritative one.

It is therefore better to convert each ad-hock size into the range of foot lengths in mm for which that size is generally believed to be suitable. Just a terribly written article. Needs to be completely re-written in plain English. Too much obscure info. Frankly it should be deleted until then. I've requested this article be cleaned - as the descriptions of sizes do not agree with the table most notably the US men's sizes and I am confident in the accuracy of neither.

The recent contribution on US foot sizes by Elembis contained the phrase "where the last is as long as the foot the shoe is designed to fit". This sounds very wrong to me. The last will always only be slightly shorter than the inner cavity of the resulting shoe, but that cavity must be at least a centimetre longer than the foot that goes into it, or it will hurt. Therefore, the last must always be at least a centimeter longer than the foot that the shoe should fit.

Given that apparent misunderstanding, I wonder whether the U. Details like the fact "that sizes are 3 times the last size minus a constant" are quaint and interesting, but are utterly useless to the average reader who will be sitting in their socks holding a ruler! I think the most useful information to readers isn't going be details about how shoe size relates to last size, but how shoe size relates to foot size.

Most people will be measuring their feet with a ruler trying to order the right shoes. Also it would be extremely helpful to get definitive information on how individual manufacturers' sizes relate to each other. I know I'm all talk and no action here sorry , I'll try to get back into the article, when I find something usefull. GFanslow —Preceding unsigned comment added by Note that under the section Brannock Device of the main article, the formulas are based on foot length, rather than last length used in the section United States and Canada.

If the last length is calculated from foot length: For convenience, one popular shopping web site provides tables of sizes that replicates the Brannock results.

What is not consistent is the relation between male and female sizes for the same foot length. Yet in an external reference "How to find out So a 30 cm foot is a 46 shoe size, you just have to look the charts everywhere even in this page. That's just my case I'm Italian , my foot is I have used the conversion chart for both adult and children's shoe sizes and found it is superb for comparing the true UK and EU sizes. This means I have bough shoes with just EU sizes blind on many occasions and got the right size.

However, the foot size which goes along with this scale seems way out. I understand that shoes need to be bigger than the feet they are intended for, but the chart implies that absolute feet measurements translate into sizes directly. If people measure their feet and followed this conversion chart they would buy shoes that were too small. This is explained partially in the article, albeit for children's feet: A child's foot that is millimetres 7.

The inner length of millimetres 7. I have used the conversion chart between UK and EU sizes and found it superb too. But now someone has removed the UK sizes from the chart. It's still there for children's sizes but not for adult males or females. This is not helpful.

The UK female sizes are completely wrong - using that system I am a size , when I am actually a , In European sizes though, I am a 36 which is not far from the size I get using the formula 35 - Aoife. UK female shoes were traditionally given a size number about 2 and at least 1 less than male shoes of the same size. This was, of course, to make the ladies appear to have smaller that is "daintier" feet. Thus a man with size 8 shoes and a woman with size 6 shoes had similar sized feet.

As recently as about 10 years ago I bought a pair of K-Swiss shoes which had a size chart on the box confirming that the makers were familiar with this sizing tradition. There must be people within the footwear industry in Britain who can confirm this tradition. The 2 size difference is sometimes alleged wrongly to be in the opposite direction.

The coming of "unisex" sizing seems to have harmonised male and female sizes to the male size. Why is Brazil under Asia? What is the correct formula? Is it really supposed to be any difference? That's ridiculous - its 10 times too large or conversely, a size 45 would be for someone with feet 3cm long!

Also this is inconsistent with the UK sizes. Converting EU size 45 via the formulas given gives a UK size So either the formulae are wrong, or the measurement used in the two cases is different, they can't both come from the size of the last. The section on French sizes is plain wrong: The statement that a full 2 centimeters has to be added to foot length is wrong.

Also see the counterpart in the French wiki which I have created a link to. The formula then stacks error on error because it does not reflect the text. I will correct the formula to reflect the text. If the "add 2cm claim is not substantiated I will correct text and formula in a few weeks to reflect the contents on the French! When editing shoe-size formulas, please stick to the notational conventions defined in ISO that are today universally used not only in the physical sciences and technology all around the world.

A "last length" or "foot length" is just a physical quantity , that is the product of a unit length multiplied by the number of units. On the other hand, a "shoe size" label is a quantity of dimension 1, meaning it has no unit, something you get by dividing two lengths. Please do not write "last length in millimeters" or the like.

We can assume that people know perfectly well how to add two lengths even if they were stated in different units originally i. This way, it is unimportant in which unit the "last length" was measured.

It is just a physical length, not any particular number of units. Considering the inaccuracies that have been reported on a few occasions, what should we do with this information? It would be good if we could find a UK-based expert on the subject to rewrite this section. Sometime since the last pair of shoes that I bought, the shoe industry in the USA has gone berserk.

The article doesn't mention this catastrophe, nor does it appear to describe the new width scale. Several popular shoe manufacturers don't even offer options for width any more, disenfranchising anyone with an even moderately unusual foot shape.

If you can even find shoes in, say, narrow sizes, you may be left with an extremely limited number of available styles, and those that are available may only be available with a single color choice etc. It would be nice to see the article acknowledge the issue. What is the conversion between the old A, B, C I wish to think about the Russian shoe sizes.

Could have differences between Russian and EU shoe sizes? Allo talk , 24 October Where to find Middle Eastern Arabic shoe sizes? Is it equal to European ones? Allo Talk , January Australian men's shoe-sizes are founded on the UK model; they should be the same. The formulas for Australian sizes - Simon the Likable talk From my experience selling shoes, convention in Australia is to use US rather than UK sizing conventions, with some European shoes Birkenstocks, MBT's etc using the European sizing that their manufacturers use.

Somebody who's up on the preferred formatting techniques could link to that in the article or incorporate the numbers into the table. Would it be better to dispense with the math template where formula can be represented with standard text? Not necessarily saying we should, just asking. Ten inches is millimeters. And the "source" linked to by the chart is defunct, so there is no easy way to correct the errors and recreate it.

The page is an unorganized collection of facts, many without references. I wouldn't know where to begin. I went to the https: There are more errors in the shoe size chart: European Size 42 refers to shoe length of 28 cm, in the chart it's 28,5 cm. Information might be found in handbooks for the American shoe industry or similar literature hardly available in Germany.

I could not find the FIA recommendations mentioned in the article. However, technically I do not know how to change the chart. Maybe someone else does? The user who created the chart seems to be inactive.

UK mens size 6 or EU size 39 is It would be good if, wherever the article refers to a formula or mathematical expression to indicate shoe sizes, there were an example indicating how the formula ought to be used.

A much better way forward is to avoid formulae entirely and focus upon the use of tables. In particular, tables that have columns indicating cm length and inches length and how these lengths should be converted into shoe size.

With all due respect, I have never used "wiggle room" calculations to adjust for shoe size, and I imagine most people have never required it either. I will endeavour to make some of the changes I indicate above, but don't expect anything anytime soon. I use this section all the time as it is the only reliable chart on the Internet, it was working just a few days ago, but the tables no longer display. I have tried this on two computers using different browsers Firefox and Google Chrome.

The linked charts display this message: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. Also, the article doesn't mention Eastern Europe at all. What do they use, too? I'd like an exact answer, not just a guess. I have previously lived in Estonia, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia and can confirm that they use the standard European sizes I'm British and take a size Eastern Europe generally follows this system this is just a guess but it is based on the above experiences which are in countries with very different histories so I'd expect neighbouring countries to be the same.

Scandinavia, or at least Sweden, Finland and Estonia, is also the same in my experience. It would appear that only the UK and Ireland Malta, maybe? A pet peeve of mine has become that most U. A few years ago, I could find "C" and various numbers of "E" or "M" and "W" widths in local shoe stores.

Some would advertise proudly "we have extra-wide widths". Have feet increased in width since the presumable original A B C D E system was devised, or have the specifications drifted? My own feet stubbornly remain "B" width in defiance of the new trend. Puddik at talk The text in the American Customary and British section seems to contradict itself. It states that the US size is given by 3 X last length , so a last length of 10 in would mean size 6.

But it also states that the US size is numerically 1 greater than the British size, and that size according to the British section is 3 X last length - 22, so a last length of 12 would mean size 8. It is not true that 6 is 1 greater than 8. This sort of self-contradiction renders the page valueless; unfortunately there is a risk that people will not notice the self contradictions in the page and trust some part of it which is wrong. If I had reliable information, I might attempt to fix this problem, but I don't and I would probably make it worse not better.

I hope than someone who understands the topic and has access to reliable information will take it in hand. The information and formulae converning UK sizes, European sizes and Brannock sizes are now fully correct and based on solid, albeit German literatuere, see the German wikipedia.

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USA sizes are one higher than UK sizes (ie size 5 USA would be equivalent to size 4 UK). All Gap & Baby Gap brand shoes/boots use USA sizing (even if purchased in the UK). NB: Starting with the Autumn collection - Gap are using UK shoe sizes. All previous collections will have USA sizes in . Because the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler or Brannock device®, can only approximate your true shoe size. Please also keep in mind the manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly. 52 rows · Shoe Size Conversion Chart. Example: A men's European shoe size 44 is a US shoe .