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Lola gets inspired by Pinterest everyday. She has come across with different styles thanks.. At the end of the episode, the black gloved figure is sitting comfortably in a room somewhere, beside a bowl of popcorn, watching the footage of the girl's reaction to "A"'s text on Spencer's front lawn, which let them know that Spencer is now a person of interest in Alison's murder investigation.

Someone to Watch Over Me. At the end of the episode, we see "A" preparing a gift for Hanna; a glass heart with Hanna's name on it, smashed by "A" with a hammer and some crazy glue with a custom made note: Dear Hanna, try putting the pieces back together -A.

Monsters in the End. At the end of the episode, the black gloved figure is seen swiping the key from underneath Ezra's doormat. For Whom the Bell Tolls. Spencer is saved from being murdered by Ian by a hooded figure that is believed to be "A. Although, she didn't kill Ian and saw him walk away. After Ian disappears from the church, "A" sends the girls a text assuring them that their nightmare is not over.

Sullivan's office for the liars to see during their session. At the end of the episode, "A" is seen in Emily's home erasing her computer hard drive which contains all the videos.

When the liars sit at separate lunch tables, "A" sends them all the same text: Look at you, all alone in a crowd.

My Name Is Trouble. After Emily tears up the fake Danby letter and tosses it in her trash can, an unharmed replica of the letter gets sent to the Field's residence. Emily scrambles to her trash can to find the torn up letter, but instead finds a letter from "A. Later on in the episode, after Spencer pawns Melissa's engagement ring for what she hopes is only 48 hours, "A" finds the cash to buy it from the Pawn Shop owner. After Hanna's visit to Dr. Although the message isn't signed by "A", it is pretty obvious based on Ezra's degree and the text message, that "A" ravaged her office after Hanna's visit.

At the end of the episode, "A" stages the suicide of Ian Thomas. When the girls run to Melissa's aid, "A" puts Ian's phone in Spencer's bag and leaves unnoticed. This is the same phone "A" was using when texting Melissa, pretending to be Ian. The Devil You Know. It is revealed that "A" wrote Ian's suicide note. As Spencer is about to, "A" calls Ian's phone which Melissa finds and becomes convinced that Spencer was pretending to be Ian.

In the same episode, "A" reveals to the girls via video that Ian may not have killed Alison. It reveals the full video of her and Ian on the night of her disappearance. It shows Ian getting up and walking away from a giggly, happy Alison, smiling at the camera. They go in search of the projector, but "A" runs away, projector in hand. At the end of the episode, "A" tampers with the tapes so that in the middle of the fashion show, the screen picture changes to make Alison look like the devil, with fire around and peeling, black eyes.

The screen flashes, "the bitch is dead," and the music changes from sentimental to hellish rock. The girls flee from the runway as well as Jessica DiLaurentis. Spencer turns it off, leaving the audience ill stricken.

At the end of the episode, "A" is seen using a syringe to siphon liquid Human Growth Hormone HGH , and injecting it into Emily's tube of pain relief cream. While Emily is with Samara and her friends, "A" sends her a message, ordering her to get Zoey's phone number. Emily obviously had not wanted to, but since "A" had the results that showed the presence of the hormones in her body, she had no choice. Touched by an 'A'-ngel. Emily opens an individual-sized box of Alpha-Bits cereal at school to find it only contains "A's," and "A" has left her a message in a plastic capsule used for cereal box toys.

Later, "A" crashes Emily's massage, giving her the massage instead of the professional, without Emily realizing until she sees the letter "A" etched into the condensation of her water glass. At the end of the day, "A" takes Emily's psychological therapy session when Emily doesn't show up. It is revealed that "A" has been a consistent patient of Dr. Sullivan is perusing the files in her office, a black hooded figure is seen standing outside her window, watching the woman inside.

Sullivan scans "A's" file, which shows that "A" has an obsession with revenge and refers to her enemies as "nosey bitches. Sullivan calls the girls, wishing to tell them who "A" is. They show up to her office, but she is missing. Something "A" takes credit for in a text message. At the end of the episode, the black hooded figure is seen removing a sound device, which had been planted under the bobble head Freud in Dr.

Over My Dead Body. Sullivan in a booth at an unknown diner. Sullivan tells her captor that she's done everything they've asked. Sullivan looks disgusted and leaves. Next, a waitress approaches the table where "A" is sitting, fills her coffee cup, and inquires how her pretty-eyed patron is doing.

In this prequel episode, "A" sends Alison two texts. One when she is in the costume store, and one at the end. From the second text, it becomes clear that "A" had posed in the doll-mask and burlap cowl while in The Haunted House and possibly also in the costume store.

Alison had gotten away though when she kneed "A" and ran for it. Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares. The liars trick "A" by pretending to fight with each other over "evidence" of "A's" identity, which in reality doesn't exist. They hope this will reveal "A's" identity to them by forcing "A" to meet them in person. This plan fails, but they come away with "A's" cell phone.

At the beginning of the episode, someone calls "A's" phone from a blocked number. When Emily is volunteering at a crisis center to fill her community service, she reads a transcript that sounds much like the situation that happened with Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily.

When the person calls back again, Spencer and Emily's boss tells them to listen in and take notes. They realize that the caller is Lucas and he must be a helper for "A. Let the Water Hold Me Down. Hanna and Mona get into an argument, resulting in Hanna running into the bathroom crying, she quiets down when she hears someone else enter, after a while, she notices the sink is overflowing. She sees a small boat floating in it and a piece of paper that says, "Life is but a dream, Hanna.

And I'm your worst nightmare - A". At the end of the episode, "A" is seen climbing some scaffolding and loosening a bolt in the wall of an unknown location, which is later revealed to be the barn in Spencer's backyard.

The Blond Leading the Blind. Toby has a broken arm and Spencer ends the relationship. The final picture "A" burns up is not seen. A Kiss Before Lying. At the end of the episode, "A" is seen unlocking the drawer of Mr. Hastings' desk and taking a gun out. At the end of the episode, "A" watches Emily through her window as she tries to call Maya. At the end of the episode, a gloved figure is seen shooting at a target, with Mr.

At the end of the episode, "A" is seen putting two quarters into the newspaper holder for the day's copy of the Rosewood Observer. She takes a paper, featuring a huge picture of Maya on the cover, with the headline "Missing Girl. Eye of the Beholder.

It is assumed by the girls that "A" was the one who texted Jenna and brought her over to Jason's house, shortly after setting it on fire, with the intention for Jenna to die there. Hanna pulls Jenna out after coming back for Ali's bag that Jason gave the Liars.

The house blows up, but only the downstairs is damaged. The final scene shows a gloved figure rummaging through the wreckage from the fire, and planting a police badge at the scene. If These Dolls Could Talk. At the end of the episode, Martha tells "A" she kept her end of the deal, but the giant mess she has to clean up is much more than she bargained for.

Seth is seen staring intently at "A. The Liars take a room in the Lost Woods Resort motel. They stay in room 1 the same room Alison stayed in while she was alive while, "A," lurking in the shadows, weaves in and out of their room without the girls ever knowing.

She even visits while Hanna is in the shower, though "A's" intentions are unknown. She also spies on them from room 2, where "A" has presumably rented her own room. At the costume ball, Mona shares with the Liars a story of how Alison, dressed as Vivian Darkbloom, had been spying on someone in a costume shop the week before she died. This prompts Spencer to realize that Alison had been searching for "A" all along and must have rented Room 1 in the motel in order to spy on the person in Room 2 - "A!

Spencer is freaked out; the room is covered with pictures of all the Liars and Alison. There are Bratz Dolls that resemble each of the five girls perched in "A's" dollhouse. Then, when Spencer spots a gum wrapper of the same type that Mona offered her, in Alison's stolen diary, she suddenly becomes suspicious. When she sees the bag of cashmere sweaters, the understanding that Mona is "A" dawns on her.

She turns around to confront Mona, who is now wearing her signature black hoodie. Mona knocks her out with a flashlight in return. Next, Spencer finds herself riding in the front passenger's seat of Mona's car. Mona threatens her to join The "A-Team", or die at gunpoint from Mr. Spencer gets Mona to reveal her motive. She is angry at the liars for stealing Hanna, the only friend she ever had.

She claims to be over Alison and the way she had treated her. Spencer uses her phone to convey the message to the other liars, and Mona, without knowing it, is caught on video conversation for the other three liars to hear.

Hanna is devastated when she learns that Mona is "A". Spencer lets the girls know where Mona is taking her by warning Mona that if she doesn't slow down, she won't make it to Look Out Point. The girls move fast to go rescue their friend. Hanna catches up to the other two with her car and stops just short of hitting "A" with her car in anger. The other girls jet out of the car to help, but before they can, Spencer unintentionally knocks Mona off the cliff during the struggle, falling several feet into a state of unconsciousness.

Later, the police declare "A" alive, and Dr. Sullivan returns to town to comfort the girls, revealing that "A" was threatening her son which forced her to flee. The police take her to a room with a one-way mirror. The girls look on with Dr. Sullivan who reveals that Mona has a personality disorder that causes her to be in a state of hyper-reality and mixed with her high intelligence level, it fueled her feelings of omnipresence and omniscience, while Mona has a monologue inside her head.

She is unrepentant, cocky, and reveals that having the girls feeling safe and leaving their windows open and their doors unlocked is exactly what "we" wanted. Later, Mona is sent to a mental institution. There, someone in a familiar red jacket comes to visit. It Happened 'That Night'. Then, "A" sends them all the text that says, "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Blood Is The New Black. Emily finds a necklace inside her bag presumably from "A" that looks like human teeth, spelling "dead girls can't smile.

Aria finds another grave present in her locker; a single earring she put into Alison's casket to remember the times they spent together - the earrings represent the one time they trashed her dad's office pretending to be his college-age mistress. Aria then gets a text from "A", threatening to out her to the police if she doesn't tell her dad.

At the end, "A" is seen buying various black sweaters and gloves while wearing a red hoodie. The cashier says, "You buying this for a team? Kingdom of the Blind. Birds of a Feather. We see "A" sitting at the Montecito airport, hacking the computer system of the Radley Sanitarium allowing Mona visitors. The speaker says something about boarding the flight to Philadelphia, and "A" pays and leaves. That Girl is Poison. We see "A" after Garrett's mom went to the hospital. In the end of the episode, we see "A" with Maya's purse, taking things out of it, including some pills that have Maya's name on the bottle.

The Remains of the "A". All the letters and numbers are scratched out except the letter 'A'. Underneath the planchette is a note which reads "See how easy it is for me to get your blood.

After Spencer enlists Caleb's help to crack the password for Maya's site as he wants to help Hanna and crush the Mona Monster, "A" sends Spencer a text which reads: We see "A" in a cat obsessed woman's office, who gives them a key to their new apartment- Unit A.

Emily and Hanna find that Maya was living at the Kahn Cabin after she disappeared. They go to the cabin and find a secret room behind a bookshelf which inside contains a sleeping bag and a bag full of Maya's things such as a knife, clothes and a card Emily gave to Alison.

However, "A" locks them in this room so Emily begins breaking windows to get out and Hanna ends up getting a flesh wound. When they escape they go around the front of the cabin to see that "A" had spray painted the message "I'm saving you for later" on the walls.

At the end of the episode, we see "A" watching the news, which mentions Garrett's trial that will be starting soon. A hangs a hoodie then changes the channel and begins to watch the Wheel of Fortune.

A black gloved figure is seen turning on the jukebox and grooving along to the music while handing a key to another black gloved figure suggesting that there are more than 2 members on the "A-Team. Many of "A"'s actions in the episode show "A" setting up an attempt to frame Paige for Maya's murder, which ultimately fails because Nate kidnaps Paige on her way to the cemetery and ends up taking the blame for the murder.

While at the cabin with Nate, Emily is woken by a phone call on the cabin's land line, and a digitally-altered voice warns her, "You have one minute At the end of the episode, Mona is seen wearing a nurse's uniform and going into Radley. The hooded "A-team" member she is talking to is revealed to be Toby Cavanaugh , and it's implied he has been on the team for a while.

This Is A Dark Ride. At the beginning of the episode, Mona is shown in Radley, painting a paper-mache mask and talking to a person in a black hoody whose face is not shown. Mona hands the person pills and bullets. Later, we see that the mask she was working on is tucked into her bed to look like she is sleeping, but she is not in the room.

An "A-team" member dressed as the Queen of Hearts puts unknown drugs in Aria's drink, in one swift motion. Aria writes her name in condensation on the train window to communicate it over loud noises, and after she is abducted by "A," the other letters are wiped away leaving only A behind. Spencer receives a text from "A" that says, "Guess who won't be making it to the end of the line? Toby is seen driving a car and trying to hit Lucas, who is on a skateboard, but Lucas manages to avoid direct collision with the car.

Meredith is given a note, telling her to go into the shed.. Byron accuses Aria of luring her into the shed, saying that Meredith thinks that Aria or one of her friends wrote the message.

Aria finds a baby basket of gifts "A" planted outside of Ezra's apartment, with a card reading, "Like babies, lies grow bigger. Then they start talking. Hanna, Spencer, and Emily go back to the basement to get Ali's diary only to find it swapped with a blank one with a note from "A". A hooded figure was also in the room but got away. The figure was later to be Lucas and he was the one who sits fire to the school shed.

It is assumed that "A" tampered with Brad's bike so that Mona could join Academic Decathlon, a club which Spencer is in. They later would compete for the team captain spot, Mona would win as Spencer would become to cocky. Mona, as "A", was revealed to be outside of Byron's office and when he leaves she is talking to someone. Another "A" is shown covering the Caleb look-alike mask and the Queen of Hearts mask under some leaves. Toby, in his "A" hoodie, talks to Mona, who is disabling an alarm system, about "tomorrow's" plans in the "A" lair.

When she enters, "A" chases her until she falls down. Hanna picks up the key and heads to Spencer's, she also texts Emily to meet her there. Spencer ends up getting the key and later places it in her kitchen counter drawer, in front of Toby. When he turns around, she throws the key down and walks towards her.

Toby says her name and she slaps him. He asked how long she knew and she showed him his Radley I. As Veronica enters the kitchen, Toby leaves. Spencer's goes to Toby's to get him to say it wasn't true but ends up crying on his doorstep. A hooded figure is seen adjusting the blind's and sitting down at the table, Spencer set up. The hooded figure, Mona, is seen drinking wine, having a piece of lasagna in front of her, listening to music and in the end, seen smiling. It is assumed that Mona changed Toby's locks.

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno. The Liars realize that "A" was threatening Ali, too, when they find notes from "A" hidden amongst some of Ali's belongings. Spencer goes to the new "A" liar, only to find it empty - in pictures wise. Emily has a flashback revealing that she stood over the grave, while "A" was digging up Alison's body.

When she wouldn't stop yelling at them to stop, "A" got out of the grave and covered her mouth to shut her up. Emily also sees a woman in a red coat watching. What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted. It originally lands on Aria, but another "A" turns it around to land on Spencer. The other "A" sets down two glasses and pours them a glass of Whiskey. Spencer notices the Big A spying on her, but disappears before Spencer can follow her.

Later, one of the "minor A's" in a black hoodie is seen walking past Spencer's bathroom, while she is the shower. When Spencer tries to leave, she sees the message "A" left for her, and that "A" placed a plunger in between the handles of the shower, locking her in the steam room. Aria would found her just before Spencer can pass out and saves her. The words "Deepest Sympathy" are on it. Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

The episode begins with Spencer telling the Liars that Toby is part of the A-team. Spencer receives the wreath of flowers "A" was shown making in Hot Water, and she interprets coloration in the banner to mean that Emily is the next Liar "A" is targeting.

Meanwhile, Emily has a difficult time accepting Spencer's story. After repeatedly attempting to contact Toby, she receives a text from him and goes to the address indicated. Emily sees Red Coat walk into a warehouse, and when she goes inside she sees Toby's co-worker, whom she spoke to earlier, and he tells her no girl walked in before her. When he uses Emily's name in conversation, she is taken aback.

Emily returns to her car to find her driver's window smashed and a funeral program for Toby in the seat. Hanna finds Wilden's cop car in her garage. Inside the car, the laptop plays Ashley and Wilden's confrontation on a loop. After overhearing a phone call, Spencer follows Mona from the coffee shop into the woods, where she finds a corpse with a motorcycle helmet and Toby's tattoo. Before she can pull off the helmet, Mona says, "he's dead," from somewhere nearby, and Spencer begins chasing her through the woods, eventually losing track of her.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Aria arrives at karate to pick up Malcolm and finds he has been picked up already, apparently by her, and there is a flyer for a carnival in his cubby. Aria rushes to the carnival and sees a hooded figure with Malcolm, but when she reaches Malcolm, the figure is gone. Malcolm tells her that her friend Alison was the one who picked him up. It is revealed that Spencer accepted Mona's offer to join the "A-team" and was the one who took Malcolm to the carnival.

Mona tells Spencer in the Lair that they like her plan. Spencer spies on Jenna as "A. Toby reveals that he does not know who the A-team leader is. Spencer sets up a way for the Liars to figure out she is part of the A-team, and the Liars set up a way to confront her about it. They devise their own plan for the Thornhill Lodge party.

At Thornhill Lodge, Mona, in black A-attire, talks on the phone with someone, telling the person "it's safe to land" and "you're finally getting what you've always wanted. Meanwhile, Spencer sees a blonde in a Red Coat get out of a plane and walk towards the Lodge. Later the Liars see Ali, who apparently pulled them from the fire. The Liars plus Mona arrive in Rosewood after escaping the fire and find Wilden's police car, freshly pulled from the lake, parked in front of the church.

The laptop inside plays on loop, showing the scene between Ashley and Wilden, then skipping to later that hour as Shana and Jenna arrive to help Wilden. The Liars open the trunk of the car and gasp. The next video is of Noel and Garrett talking. The hooded figure zooms in on the mystery woman emerging from the dressing room and nods. The last video is of Lucas and the "baby face" talking.

The figure rewinds and zooms in on an individual passing in the background, wearing a red hooded trenchcoat like Vivian Darkbloom 's and black boots. Darren's face is shown but just as Melissa's is about to be revealed, "A" begins deleting all of Mona's files. It has also reveled that "A" gave five little girls dolls of the liars. The girls tell the liars that their friend Alison gave them the dolls. At Darren's funeral, a woman dressed in black with a veil over her face is in attendance.

She sits behind Jenna and Nigel during the service. Afterward, she quickly gets into a limo and leaves. She is later shown in a lair. She lifts the veil revealing an "Ali mask. The Liars and Mona go to where they left the lair and find it missing. When Mona manages to get out of the car, "A" jumps in the driver's seat and tries to run over Mona, Emily, and Aria, and Emily injures her shoulder on a rock while diving out of the way. Toby reveals to Spencer that he gave the lair to "A" in exchange for information about his mother's death.

He shows Spencer the file "A" gave him, which includes notes from her last session with her psychiatrist at Radley, which occurred the same day as her supposed suicide. Later, Spencer finds Tippi's cage empty and the window open, and they assume "A" broke in and freed Tippi. At the end of the episode, we see "A" in Mona's old lair, wearing the traditional black hoody and feeding caged Tippi a piece of meat.

Hanna worries that "A" is planning on making her mom look guilty for Wilden's murder. Later, Toby remarks to Spencer that "A" has always "felt like a 'she. After Emily's mom and Emily make a scene in front of the school, Aria receives a text from "A" saying, "Cleaning up Rosewood, one mean mommy at a time.

Emily immediately assumes "A" was the person who called Family Services. Towards the end of the episode, Emily gets a message from "A" of a picture of her mom, edited to make her look like she is behind prison bars. At the end of the episode, "A" puts on a record of the song "Dry Bones" and looking at an X-ray of Emily's shoulder. Upon returning home after the conversation with Melissa on the pier, Spencer receives a text reading, "Melissa is guilty of plenty but she's not 'A' material.

At the end of the episode, "A" is shown gluing together the broken pieces of Melissa's mask casting, having apparently fished them out of the lake. Ella is attacked by bees "A" apparently trapped under the front hood of her car so they would fly in through the vents. Aria receives a text right after she sees the attack that says, "This is just the first taste of my venom. After "A" apparently calls the cops on Hanna while she is at Cicero trying to bury the gun she found in Ashley's closet, Spencer receives a text that says, "Just a friendly tip.

Maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer. At the end of the episode, "A" is shown in Mona's old lair, dusting off a picture of Carla Grunwald, the former house mother of the sorority Emily and Spencer visited.

Emily tells Hanna that maybe it's time to tell her mom and dad about "A," but Hanna receives a text from A with the warning, "You bark, I bite. Say my name, they BOTH get the blame. Later Toby refuses to tell the Liars why he gave the lair away because he is afraid "A" won't give him any more information about his mom.

Emily attempts to anonymously turn in the hard drive from the laptop of Wilden's car, hoping the video of Jenna and Shana helping Wilden will lead the police to new suspects in Wilden's murder, even though Hanna is worried "A" will retaliate if they do. Emily leaves the drive on Lt. Tanner that the video must be a prank.

In the final scene, "A" breaks into and hot wires a car, and we see that "A" is wearing an Emily mask, a brown hoodie, and brown leather gloves. Crash and Burn, Girl! Now I'll make it all come crashing down. A seemingly-driverless car crashes into Emily's living room, heading straight for where Pam is standing. Pam manages to get out of its way before it hits her, and Emily rushes in to guide her away from the wreckage. The Guilty Girl's Handbook. At the end of the episode, "A," wearing a black hoodie and gloves, lies in a crawl space and drills holes into the overlying hardwood floor.

At Emily's surprise party, Jenna is found floating face-down in the lake after apparently suffering a head wound. She is comatose, but she survives the attack, which is assumed to be an attempt by "A" to murder Jenna. After seeing Jessica is upstairs in her bedroom, Red Coat undrills a small door on the side of the DiLaurentis house and goes into a crawl space.

The Mirror Has Three Faces.

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