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Fancy Dress Sailor Girl Set / Kit Hat And Scarf; Ask a Question. Email a Friend. Add To Compare. Share. This amazing Nautical outfit includes a black collar with white stripes and a matching white sailor hat. Be the first to review Fancy Dress Sailor Girl Set / Kit Hat And Scarf. Write a review.

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Dressing up as a captain or sailor in a costume party is very common. In fact, people just love to wear the white pristine uniform and sailor hat.
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Fancy Dress Sailor Girl Set / Kit Hat And Scarf; Ask a Question. Email a Friend. Add To Compare. Share. This amazing Nautical outfit includes a black collar with white stripes and a matching white sailor hat. Be the first to review Fancy Dress Sailor Girl Set / Kit Hat And Scarf. Write a review.
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Purchase Sailors, Slaves, and Immigrants by A. The 'Sailor Prince' in the DKNY Sleeveless scarf print Free Trade and Sailors' Yumi Scarf Print Georgette In floaty georgette, it has a round neckline and back button- fastening.

Add height with a pair of wedge heels. Black Elbe Sailor Cloth Hat This Elbe sailor hat from Hammaburg is perfect for those looking to set off as a captain on the high seas. But even those staying at home will enjoy wearing it. The faithful design with short peak and two cords across the front, held in plac Oasis Scarf print peplum midi Peplum DressesBack zip fasteningMachine wash according to care labelMain: Christmas Cap and Scarf for One Cap and One Scarf.

Featuring Velcro straps, this cap and scarf can be ideal outfits for four-legged friends during the festive period. Gina Bacconi Libby Lace Dress The entire dress is fashioned from a gorgeous floral lace. Beautifully fitted at the bodice, the neckline features a scallop edge which is beaded for an opulent touch. The dress is fully lined and fastens using a concealed back zip. Its sailors fought across globe in battleships and claustrophobic corvettes and silent submarines.

They endured nerve-wracking convoys, fought epic gun battles, carried out secret missions, rescued armies and landed the largest invasion force in history. Gina Bacconi Leticia Maxi The entire dress is fashioned from beautiful floral lace which is beaded at the neckline for a glamorous touch. The neckline and back are dropped into a sumptuous v shape with a scallop edge at the front.

The dress is finished with a chiffon scarf to complete your outfit. May be addressed as "Enswine" if lacking in wardroom etiquette. In addition, "George" is the junior ensign, the lowest ranking person in a wardroom, while "The Bull Ensign" is the senior ensign.

The national flag flow from the flagstaff in port and the gaff at sea. Saint Paul relates in the New Testament that soundings were taken after a gale, and the ship was found to be in twenty fathoms of water.

The Greek word orgina, which means to stretch or reach out with the arms. A sailor stretches out both arms and measures from finger tip to finger tip - an approximate fathom. A day set aside to clean ship. Also, to clean or straighten. This compartment is a rat's nest. Field day it and report when it is squared away. Best explained as a superstitious custom that was supposed to drive away evil spirits as they escaped from the hearts of the dead. Before the advent of firearms, the number three had mystical significance.

In ancient Roman funeral rites earth was cast three times into the grave; those present called the dead three times by name, and on leaving the grave site mourners called farewell three times. Even numbered fleets are in the Atlantic area and odd numbered fleets operate in the Pacific area.

Also, a term for all naval operating forces. From the old Spanish "flota. An anchor that is foul of the cable or chain is a symbol found in various Navy crests.

The device is on the cap of American naval officers, the distinguishing device of a Chief Petty Officer, the collar device of midshipman, and on the cap badges of the British naval officers.

Many sailors regard the device a sign of poor seamanship. Although, artistic to a civilian, it has been called a sailor's disgrace by some. The badge has been traced back to and Lord Howard of Effingham, the Lord High Admiral, who used it first as a seal of his office, but the device was used previous even to that time. A captain or commander's personal boat. The ship's kitchen or food preparation area. See Mess and Mess deck. From the Anglo-Saxon "gang. An opening in a ship to give entrance for boarding or leaving the ship.

It may be either an opening in a bulkhead or railing. Also, "Gangway," a command to step aside or make way. Who remembers not the messcooks cry, "Gangway, hot stuff. Items from vending machines or ship's store such as candy, soda and ice cream.

Any dessert, sweets, or good deal. Light patrol vessel unarmored for use in shallow coastal waters. The hand salute in the American Navy came by way of the British Navy. It is generally agreed that the salute is the first part of the movements of uncovering. That there was nothing in the hand is a possible explanation of the British salute with the palm turned out. From the earliest days of organized military units, the junior has uncovered in addressing or meeting the senior.

Vincent, in , promulgated an order to the effect that all officers were to take off their hats when receiving orders from superiors. Sketches of Naval Life, written on board the USS Constitution, in , gives an account of a Sunday inspection on board that describes the salute of the day. Vallette, are now on the deck; they pass around and examine every part of it, each man lifting his hat as they pass, or in default of one, catching hold of a lock of hair. In the United States Navy, officers in the open uncover only for divine services.

Men uncover when at "mast" for reports and requests, and in officers' country unless under arms or wearing a watch belt.

A large flat stone used to polish the wooden deck of a ship. Any loose or untidy end of a line. Lines dangling from a ship's rigging. Threads hanging from a uniform.

Bluejacket term for Coffee. For twenty years before "grog" was legislated out of the Navy, the rum ration was cut back and coffee and tea were supplied as a substitute. Jack o' the Dust. Person in charge of breaking out provisions for the food service operation. Originates with the British Navy. The coaming of a watertight door or bulkhead opening. Coaming edges are raised about one foot off the deck and strike the shins if one fails to step over them.

Seaman's term for one who does not go to sea. Perhaps from "land lover. A compartment or locker where masters-at-arms stow articles of clothing, bedding, and other items left adrift. Originally, articles were placed in a bag called the "lucky bag" which was in the custody of the master-at-arms. In a narrative of a cruise in the USS Columbia in , the writer relates that the bag was brought to the mainmast once a month, and the owners of the articles "if their names are on them, get them again, with a few lashes for their carelessness in leaving them about the deck.

One wag suggested another definition is "a sailor's wife. A practical joke pulled on inexperienced crewmembers and midshipmen which revolves around convincing the victim that mail is delivered to a ship at sea via a buoy. The more gullible victims are dressed in outlandish garb lifejacket, helmet and with a boat hook and sound powered telephone directed to stand watch for the buoy and retrieve the mail.

Mate appears as early as the 13th century, as a corruption of the Dutch word "mattenoot. Hot bunking is not new! In some trades, like that of stevedores, the French word "matelot" is used in the same sense as the English word mate.

That being the person with whom you lift sacks which are too heavy to be lifted by one man alone. From the Latin term "mensa" meaning tables. The English word originally meant four, and at large meal gatherings diners were seated in fours. Shakespeare wrote of Henry's four sons as his "mess of sons. Messmates, are those who eat together. Smythe's, Sailors' Word Book, yields the ditty, "Messmate before shipmate, shipmate before stranger, stranger before a dog.

Eating area for the ship's crew. An enlisted person who continues through the ranks to officer status other than warrant officer. Roberts with that story. Navy or Coast Guard enlisted personnel in the first three pay grades who are not petty officers. Pay grades E1, E2 and E3 are nonrates.

Or, a nonrate may be "designated" in that they have met the training qualifications but not promoted to petty officer. Short for Navy, navigation or navigator. Fresh water economy aboard ship may dictate using as little water as possible. If a ship's fresh water making device, the evaporators evaps have problems, a ship may experience "water hours" in which no showers are allowed except at select times.

Generally, the smaller the ship the more experience the crew has with Navy showers. Officer responsible to the captain for planning the ship's course and the safe navigation of the ship. Also know as the "Naviguesser.

Officer of the Deck. The officer in charge of the ship and on deck as the Captain's representative. Hazard is the OOD. Slang term for the Commanding Officer. The term for the Admiral is "the old gentleman. Petty Officer who maintains fuel oil records aboard ship. Larboard signified the left side on ships in the United States Navy until about It is recorded that in that year the word was passed on board an American man-of-war cruising off the coast of Africa: The word "larboard" is to be forever dropped in the United States Navy, and the word "port" is substituted.

Any man using the word 'larboard' will be punished. Short heavy topcoat worn by seafarers in cold weather. Originally made of a material called "pilot cloth.

In the old Navy the topcoat was also called a "Reefer. A member of the original commissioning crew of a ship. In the days of wooden ships plank owners upon transfer or retirement were awarded a piece of wood from the ship. With metal ships a commemorative plaque or certificate is given to the commissioning crew members. In austere commands a plaque is received only if one buys it.

Originally, the one who saluted first rendered himself or his ship powerless for the time it took to render honors. In Henry VII's period the average time to fire a gun was twice in an hour. Under sail, passing ships lowered topsails.

The point of the sword on the ground at the finish of the sword salute rendered the one who salutes powerless for the time being.

The British palm forward hand salute was intended to show that the hand was empty. The salute executed today by "present arms" originally meant to present for taking.

See also Saluting the Quarterdeck. Derived from the old Anglo-Saxon "rother," that which guides. The Viking "steer board" was on the starboard side of the ship. The sternpost rudder didn't come into use until the 12th century. Some hold that the salute to the quarterdeck is derived from the very early seagoing custom of the respect paid to the pagan altar on board ship, and later to the crucifix and shrine. Others hold that the custom comes from the early days of the British Navy when all officers who were present on the quarterdeck returned the salute of an individual by uncovering removing the hat.

The original salute consisted of uncovering. The salute, touching the hat, to the seat of authority, the quarterdeck, the place nearest the colors, is an old an tradition. Originally a cask of fresh water for drinking purposes used by the crew. Now any drinking fountain. Also, any ship board rumor or gossip. Taking a long slow drink, the sailor announced to anyone who would listen, "We're headed for Hong Kong.

I heard it from the head mess cook. Awaking the crew at reveille, the call "show a leg" is heard. It originated in the days of sail when women often lived aboard ship.

At reveille, a woman in her hammock would display a leg and thereby was not required to turn out get up and turn to go to work.

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Product Description Sailor girl female fancy dress kit including hat and see. Find great deals on eBay for sailor hat and scarf. Shop with confidence. Instantly become a sexy navy sailor with this great accessory kit! Kit includes a blue neck scarf and white navy hat. This kit is great for s of costume ideas or as a stand alone costume.